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Comfort Zone is Discomfort For Us ( 1. A Motivational Story)

A motivational story

English Motivation
Once in a certain garden, there were many little flowers among the big ones. In one corner, there was a very small flower, better say a neglected one. No one would notice it, care it, as everyone appreciated the flowers like rose, Lilly etc.

The small flower used to be very nervous. One day he complained to God about his appearance and requested the God to make him a rose. Other flowers suggested him not to change himself but he didn’t listen. At any cost, he wanted to be a rose because he saw the greatness of other roses very closely and he wanted to feel that greatness.

At last, the God granted his request and  transformed him into a rose. Now he became a rose, everyone appreciated him. Now he was very happy with his new appearance. He was enjoying peoples’ admiration. One day there was a strong wind. All flowers specially the big ones were thrown away by the strong wind. Many flowering plants were uprooted. The small ones hid themselves among the bushes. The newly transformed rose was thrown away by wind. He was about to die. When he was taking his last breaths, the other little flowers were laughing at him. They reminded him their advice and made fun of him. The rose didn’t mind about it but he said, “I am not sorry for losing my life but I am proud that I am dying as a rose, not a neglected one. I will die with peace of mind and satisfaction”

Moral: Friends.comfort zone is the enemy of prosperity, come out of your comfort zone and face the challenges life, your life will be full of prosperity. Comfort zone is always discomfort for us. A ship is comfortable at the shore but it is made to challenge the waves not to remain at the shore. So work hard for success and achieve success 
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