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Parts Of Speech

Detailed study of parts of speech with examples

English_Parts Of Speech
Parts of speech is a very important topic or lesson in English grammar. Better say, it is the base of English grammar.

Many topics of grammar are based on this topic, thats why the concepts of this topic should be very clear.

There are eight parts of speech in English.

They are Noun, Pronoun, Verb, adjective, adverb, preposition , conjunction, interjection.

Lets discuss their definition with examples.
Types of Noun
1 Common noun: for ex boy , girl, city , village , school 
2 Proper noun : for ex Satish, Riya, Nanded, Sonkhed, Nehru school
3 Collective noun: for ex bunch, flock, army, crowd

4 Material Noun: for ex water, oil, sugar, gold, silve
5 Abstract Noun: politeness, cowardice , kindness, bravery
More Examples:
1. I helped a poor man
2 He is very lucky for me
3 We are always cheerful
4 They have challenged me
5 You have deceived us
More Examples:
1  I told you many time
2 He asked me few questions
3 You have always helped us 
4 My friends demanded a party 
5 My teachers always appreciate me 
More Examples:
1  I am very active in games.
2 You are really very generous.
3  My parents are  too joyous today.
4 My blog is very popular among the learned ones.
5 You are my best friend.
The word adverb is made up of two words that is adjective and verb, thats why it is called as adverb

More Examples;

A ) About adjective :

I am too tired
She is very popular
I am always happy

B) About Adverb:
He comes here regularly

I always speak the truth
More Examples:
1 He jumped into river. 
2 I threw the ball towards you.
3 My friends are in the classroom.
4 My parents came for me.
5 I respect everyone in our society.
More Examples:
1  Sita and Gita.
2  Bread and butter.
3  I know how he passed the exam.
If I work , I will pass.
5   Jhon whom I saw yesterday, is here.
More Examples:

1 Hurrah! we won the match.

2 Alas! he is dead.
3 Wow! its wonderful.
4 Ouch! its too hot.
5 Oh! I have lost it.
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