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How To Make Teaching Lecture/ Session Interesting For Students

useful for teachers to make their lecture interesting and effective

Every teacher wants to make his teaching lecture interesting. If his lecture is satisfactory, surely he or she enjoys pleasure of teaching and his passion of teaching is encouraged. This needs certain methodology or planning.

Lecture may belong to any subject, to make it interesting for students is a moral duty of every teacher. It is observed, sometimes many teachers blame the students for not giving attention in the class, or creating disturbance in the class. If the students find the lecture boring , they become active either to trouble the other students or sometimes the teacher present in the class. Here the real objective of education is challenged.

If a certain teacher plans properly or adopts certain methodology  regarding his or her teaching , surely his lecture will be fruitful and the teacher will be the students’ favourite teacher.
– Following hints will be surely very helpful for all the teachers who want to make their lecture an interesting one.
* The most important thing is that our subject knowledge or content knowledge should be very perfect, if our subject knowledge is very strong, our confidence in teaching will be effective.
* Our pronunciations should be very clear , they are the first impression of our teaching.
* Smile is the best cosmetics, a smiling face of a teacher while teaching makes the students comfortable and relax.

* Always begin your lecture with a wonderful small motivational story, philosophical thought or positive words .
* Before beginning the lecture, revise the previous lecture’s summary , it helps the students to link the content.
* Take proper pause in the narration of your teaching content, have proper up and down of your voice according to the rhythm of the teaching content.
* Teaching to the students should not be considered as a duty , consider it as a divine beauty.
* In the mid of the lecture, ask a simple question to any student related to the content, other students will be very careful next time expecting your question to them, in this way your class control will be excellent.
* At any cost , don’t insult any student if he doesn’t answer your question or don’t make fun of him.
* Students are our real teachers and judge, they know and judge us very properly, , that’s why we should be very careful regarding our mannerism, our dress etiquettes , language and behaviour.
* Last five minutes of your lecture should be spared to summarise the lecture  , it helps the students to understand the content.
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