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English Worksheet -Punctuations

Here are some practice examples for punctuation , study all the rules of punctuation before solving the worksheet


1. Geeta ill come back soon i said will you be here.
Ans: “Geeta, I’ll come back soon”, I said, “Will you be here?”
2. Are you all right ramesh i said.
Ans: “Are you all right, Ramesh ?” I said.
3.  John questioned tony whats in gods name
Ans:  John questioned Tony,” What’s in God’s name ?”
4.  she asked do you know this address
Ans: She aksed, “Do you know this address?”
5.  I mall right he said but neetaisnt
Ans: “I’m all right”, he said ” but Neeta isn’t”.
6. Anil said the boy is naughty. (Punctuate the sentence)
Ans: Anil said,” The boy is naughty.”
“Anil” said the boy, “is naughty.”
7.  how clever i am sucheta said.
Ans: “How clever 1 am!” Sucheta said.
8.  Don’t be so idle he said to his wife at least read cook book
Ans: “Don’t be so Idle,” he said to his wife, “at least read cook book.”
9. aren’t the caves lovely said pankaj
Ans: “Aren’t the caves lovely ?” said Pankaj.
10.  mr prakash said anju id like to attend the party.
Ans: Mr. Prakash said, “Anju, F d like to attend the party.”
11.  her mother said you must go straight to your grand mother’s cottage.
Ans:  Her mother said,” You must go straight to your grandmother’s cottage.”
12.  have you any money asked the captain.
Ans: “Have you any money ?”, asked the captain.
13. he said anil knows me.
Ans:  He said, “Anil knows me.”
14.   the old man asked what are you doing there my child.
Ans: The old man asked,’ ‘What are you doing there, my child?”
15. I study hindi marathi english and Sanskrit
Ans: I study Hindi, Marathi, English and Sanskrit.
16. Ganesh said to me don’t think that i don’t trust you.
Ans: Ganesh said to me, “Don’t think that I don’t trust you.”
17. My friends names are……..
     (Complete the sentence and use proper punctuation marks)
Ans: My friends names are Suresh, Sudam, Kiran, Kedar etc.
Ans : My friends names are Suresh, Sudam, Kiran and Kedar.
18. Mother said the boy paul one day why cant we keep a car of our own.
Ans: “Mother,” said the boy Paul one day, “why can’t we keep a car of our own?”
19. come i know what you mean cried Mr.Wickfield.
Ans: “Come, I know what you mean,” cried Mr.Wickfield.
20. What do you wish my boy asked the teacher.
Ans:”What do you wish, my boy?” asked the teacher.
21. The motorist said the bus driver was to blame for the accident.
Ans: The motorist said,” The bus driver was to blame for the accident.”
Ans: “The motorist”, said the bus driver, “was to blame for die accident.”

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