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English Worksheet – Wh Questions

In this case , statement is given and some part is underlined , we have to frame questions respecting tense and format

frame wh ?

1]      You will not find more than one pair of robins in a small garden because the           birds need space to collect food in.

Ans : Why will you not find more than one pair of robins in a small garden ?

2]              She performs her job with zeal and enthusiasm.

Ans : How does she perform her job?

3] Children played hide and seek in the newly planted bushes.

Ans:Where did children play hide and seek ?

 4]  His ugliness was a standing joke among his friends.

Ans: What was a standing joke among his friends ?

5]  They take delight in designing. (Frame’ wh’ question)

Ans: What do they take delight in ?

 6]  The scientists at Weizman institute know all about fermentation.

          (Frame ‘wh’ question)

Ans : What do the scientists at Weizman institute know ?

7]      Operation water harvest is an adaptation of the popular ‘Water-shed Management’           concept.

Ans: What is operation water harvest ?

8] I stood trembling out side the imposing RBI building.

          (Frame a Wh- question to get underlined part as an answer.)

Ans. Where did I stand trembling?

9] An uncle became a hotel manager in Karachi. (Frame ‘Wh’ question)

Ans: Where did an uncle become a hotel manager

10] We met some great people along the way.

Ans:  Where did we meet some great people?

12] For most people the sky is the limit.

 Ans: What is the sky for most people ?

13] Carter beheld an astonishing sight. (Frame ‘Wh’ question)

 Ans: What did Carter behold ?

14]      Somethings we do because we have to do.

Ans :  Why do we do somethings ?

15]      The mother claims higher dowry for the more educated son.

Ans :  What does the mother claim ?

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