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Exclamatory Sentence


(Rewrite the following sentences as exclamatory.)

1)  It is an excellent piece.

2)  1 am very proud of my nice mother.

3) You are working too hard.

4)  It is a fantastic feeling.

5) He was very terrified.

6)  It is a very great lesson to be learned from Wilma.

7) You are absolutely right.

8) That sounds dangerous.

9) Me was an extraordinary human being.

10) Mango wood is very strong.

11)  Babul wood is very strong.

12) It was a strange fascinating land.

13)1 am quite tired.

14) Time has moved very fast.

15) Your teachings are so helpful.

16) Your teachings are so excellent.

17)  Birds are very clever.



1)  I waited patiently.                  

2)  I was deeply disappointed.

3)  1 was very touched by her desire to meet me.

4) The people were shocked.

5)  Such a practice is very rare.

6)  It is very attractive package.

7)  Your body uses the carbohydrates efficiently.

8)  We are such a great nation.

9)  1 was very lucky to have worked with all three of them.

10) This is a marvelous age in which we live.

11)  It was wonderful to feel alive again.

12) Globalization offers extraordinary opportunities to individuals.

13)  I simply love surfing.

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