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Present Participle


Join each of the following pairs of sentences using either a present participle or a perfect participle.

1) She entered the room suddenly. She found them smoking.

2)  He stole the silver. He looked for a place to hide it.

3) He got off his horse. He began searching for something on the ground.

4) I had sent he photographs of the place. I had no desire to go there.

5) He offered to show us the way home. He thought we were lost.

6) He found his revolver. He loaded it.

7) The criminal removed all traces of his crime. Ht left the building.

8) She hoped to find the will. She searched everywhere.

9)  I didn’t like to sit down. I knew that there were ants in the grass


You ran to the phone and called a friend.

(Rewrite using ‘ing’ form of underlined)

  • I openedthe door and stepped off the footboard.

(Rewrite using ‘ing’ form of underlined)

  • I could hardly bring myself to enterher room.     

(Rewrite using ‘ing’ form of underlined)

  • She helped me to repairthe hem of my skin.       

(Rewrite using ‘ing’ form of underlined)

5) Dad slipped an arm around me and held me close.

(Rewrite using ‘ing’ form of underlined)

6) SEWA has championed the cause of the rural women who gather firewood from the hills.

(Rewrite using ‘ing’ form of underlined)

7)  Many see it as a way to acquire management skills.                                                        

(Rewrite using ‘ing’ form of underlined)

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