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Std.12 | English | Expansion of Idea

Expansion of idea appears for four marks in 12 th board exam, here is a format and examples

expansion of idea

Points to remember.
1]      Here students will be given a proverb , thought ,a maxim, quotation or an idiom.
2]      Students are expected to expand the given idea with good comprehension and examples.
3]      Take care of tense, content. Language etc.
4]      follow the given formal
1st paragraph
                   [Intro paragraph]
          Actual meaning, significance of the proverb

2nd paragraph
          Practical meaning of the proverb

3rd paragraph
          Examples to support the statement

4th paragraph
          Conclusion / moral
Q.      Expand the given idea.
                                                 Empty vessel makes much noises

          This is a well known proverb commonly used in our day today life . It has a great significance.
          The actual meaning is that the vessel which is partially filled makes much noise compared to the vessel which is fully filled.
     The practical meaning is very clear. A person who has a great knowledge never shows off ,whereas a person who has a little knowledge always boasts of his knowledge and try to impress others. In the same way, a person who is really wealthy is very polite and honest whereas a person who has less wealth tries to show off his knowledge. This principle is applicable to the listeners and the talkers.
          Sometimes a person talks a lot and does a little but a great doer never talks a lot , he shows his greatness through his actions.
            This proverb gives a great message regarding pompus or boastful nature ,we should concentrate on work instead of talk.
Q.2   Expand the given idea Time and Tide wait for None.
                                                   Time and Tide Wait for none
          This is a well known proverb commonly used in our day today life having a great significance.
         The actual meaning of the proverb is time and tide never forgive anyone if we irrespective them. Time waits for none.
            It has its own phenomenon.
        The practical meaning is very clear. We should respect time as time plays a great role for our development . If we respect time, the world will respect us.
          Time is never bound to anyone , great people are successful because they respect time.
           Every second, minute ,hour, day ,month weak has its own importance , time expects that we should run with it . It never looks back, it just proceeds. We should not try to stop the wheels of time, we should run with them. For everyone time management is necessary or else we suffer a lot.

Q 3  Expand the given Idea 

Experience is the best teacher ( Feb 2023 Board Exam}  

                                                                                                         Experience Is The Best Teacher

This is a well known thought or proverb commonly used in our day today life which has a great ………significance.

   The actual meaning of this proverb is very……..that experience always plays a great role in our life and it helps others to guide and motivate

Practically we should…..that in every field experienced person is always successful and he manages every…..skillfully and prominently.

An experienced driver hardly invites any accident on his………  His experience always makes our journey safe and………
In the same…….  an experienced teacher tackles the objectives of education skillfully and promptly. Thats why in every recruitment, the concerned company recruits experienced staff or employees to make the task properly. Everywhere experience is counted to accomplish the……..properly and without any…….
No doubt the new learners work ……..but after all they should be ready to digest correction and remarks. Rome was not built in a …..
New learners should work with passion , they may commit certain…. but all these ups and downs make them……

Eventually we should agree that experience is always regarded and……..

Q 4  Expand the given idea 

All is well that ends well ( Feb 2020 Board)

                                                                               All Is Well That Ends Well

        This popular……has a great significance having universal …… Actually this famous quotation is written by…….
It is very true that task will be ……….as completed if it gets finished at the last with the expected fruits or result.
The meaning of this proverb is very clear, every task should be fulfilled with the ……..result and certain outcomes. 
     Practically we should call it as accomplishment and objectives of task. Many times we have to tolerate failure and depression and we can’t proceed it till the accomplishment but efforts shouldn’t be curtailed or stopped. 
Chandrayan 2 is the best example. All our scientists tried their best till the end but at last moment signal was …… and we had to call mission unsuccessful but in case of 3, when everything was managed properly till…..and the mission was successful. Sometimes in case of cricket match , it happens. The concerned team is called winner if they manage all task with proper strategy but sometimes the players manage till last over but they have to tolerate failure just because of one or two runs or wickets , that time their prior efforts are not counted and they are stamped as ………
 lastly we conclude that one who manages the task till end successfully will be called as winner.       

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