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Famous Proverbs, Helpful for Expansion Of Ideas

Here is the list of all famous proverbs which will help you

1Every house has its skeletonEvery family has to go through same crisis or problems
2Many a little makes a mickle –Little drops make an ocean
3A bird in hand is worth two in the bushes-Our possession is better than illusion
4One swallow does not make a summerDon’t form opinion by listening one
5A burnt child dreads the fireOne suffering makes us cautious
6Hit the iron while it is hotGrab the opportunity when it knocks
7A drowning man catches a straw-Little comfort helps the sufferer
8God helps those who help themselves-God favours the hardworking
9A fair face may hide a foul heart-Appearance may be cheating
10Of two evils choose lessbe wise to choose less risk
11A friend in need is a friend indeed-Real friend is known in our suffering
12Pour oil on trouble watersTry to comfort others anger
13Don’t make a pig of yourselfAvoid to be greedy
14Early to bed and early to rise makes man healthy, Always try to get early to get benefits
15A rolling stone gathers no moss-One who changes decisions regularly, cant get success
16Where there is smoke, there is fireBehind every happening , surely there will be reason
17A stitch in time saves nine-Always try to do work on time
18You can’t have a cake and eat itWe have always one choice
19A thunder storm often makes milk sourAny bad happening may spoil our calmness or tranquility
20Heaven helps them who help themselvesGod always helps the hardworking
21A word is enough for the wiseWise people always respect suggestions
22Barking dogs seldom biteTalkers are no doers
23Actions Speak louder than Words-Our deeds speak more than our boasting
24Blood is thicker than waterBlood relations are more important than our friends
25It never rains but it pours-Problems always come in company
26Charity begins at homeWe should begin good work from ourselves
27Necessity is the mother of inventionwhen it is needed, we try to strive
28Cleanliness is next to godlinessAlways try to maintain cleanliness
29Between the devil and the deep seaIt is difficult to take decision when many problems occurs at once
30Cut your coat according to your clothWe should be always within our limits regarding any task
31Strike while the iron is hotDon’t  miss the opportunity
32Don’t count your chickens before they are hatchedDon’t expect fruits before the work gets finished
33Jack of all trades and master of noneOne who wants to be master of all, may not be successful
34Leave no stone unturned –Try to utilize every opportunity
35All roads lead to Rome-All good work invites good returns
36Industry is the mother of prosperityHard Work is must for every success
37All that glitters in not goldAll that look alike have different prospects
38Washing one’s dirty linen in public is not fairDon’t discuss any private issues of others in public
39All work and no play make a Jack a dull boyLaziness spoils us
40Every dog has its day-Everyone gets an opportunity
41An apple a day keeps the doctor away-Eat fruits for good health
42Honesty is the best policyHonest people always become successful
43An early bird catches more worms-Early riser seeks good results
44He who follows two hares catches neither One who tries to get all, may suffer
45An empty vessel makes much noise-Talker are no doers
46Let bygones be bygoneswe should forget past happenings
47As you sow, so you reapWe get fruits according to our deeds
48Pen is mightier than a swordWriting is more powerful than any supremacy
49At Rome we must do as Romanswe should behave according to conditions
50Experience is the best teacherExperience always makes us wise
51Familiarity breeds contemptExcess of every kind is bad
52Beggars can’t be choosersWe should be within limits
53Little strokes fell great oaks-Little efforts make great results
54Better late than neverBelieve in beginning 
55A bad workman quarrel with his tools-One who doesn’t want to work, always gives excuses
56The leopard can’t change its spotsBasic nature doesn’t change
57Man proposes, God disposesMany things go against our expectations
58Old is goldOld things are always favourable
59Birds of a feather flock togetherSame natured always live together
 Out of sight out of mindWe cant judge sitting at long distance
61Don’t cross the bridge until you come to itAlways wait for opportunity
62Every cloud has a silver lining-Every suffering has an end
63Fools rush in where angles fear to treadFoolish always make hurry for any task
64Where there is a will, there is a way-willpower is responsible for success
65Hunger is the best sauceHungry stomach always respect the food
66Sweet are the uses of adversitysometimes bad condition makes us strong
67Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stonesWe don’t have right to blame if we are at fault
68Money begets moneymany things come in our favour when we have money
69One who follows two hares catches neitherOne who is confused in taking decisions , may take  wrong decision
70NO pains, no gains-Hard Work has no alternatives
71Barking dogs seldom biteTalkers are no doers
72The weaver knows where the shoe pinchessufferer knows the suffering
73Example is better than preceptGood deeds are the best proof than only suggestions
74Truth will be outTruth cant be hidden
75Forbidden fruit is the sweetestThe thing which is not allowed to do, invite great interest to do
76It is never too late mend There is never delay for any good work
77Make hay while the sun shinesAlways grab the opportunity
78Union is strengthUnity always helps
79One cannot pump ocean out-It is impossible to do things beyond our capacity
80Sin and sorrow go togetherBad work always invite bad for us
81Too many cooks spoil the brothToo many people suggestions may spoil our work
82Slow and steady wins the raceSlow and constant work is always helpful
83First come first served-Try to grab the opportunity early
84Half a loaf is better than noneTry to be satisfied always
85Look before you leapAlways think before speaking
86Might is right-Power always helps to gain confidence
87Handsome is what handsome doesGood work always invite good
88Fortune favours the brave God always helps the hardworking 
89Haste makes wasteHurry makes worry
90Health is wealthHealth is the greatest wealth
91It is no use crying over spilt milkThere is no use of sorrow after bad result
92No man can serve two masters-We cannot satisfy many people
93Money makes the mare go-Money is responsible for many things
94No smoke without fireThere is compulsory some reason for any bad
95When the cats away, the mice will playIn the absence of supremacy, subordinates will enjoy
96Prevention is better than cureIts good to take precautions
97Rome was not built in a dayGreat work takes long time to get ready
98Time and tide wait for noneRespect time, as time never forgives anyone 
99To err is humanMistakes are a part and parcel of our life
100One good turn deserves anotherGood work invite good results
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