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While using punctuation marks, we should know all the rules, specially we in case of inverted commas.

1) Where are you going gita asked him.

“Where are you going?” Gita asked him.

2) are you coming home with me he asked

Ans: ” Are you coming home with me?” he asked

3) he enquire when do you intend to pay me

Ans: He enquired ,” When do you intend to pay me?”

4) she wrote I am waiting and watching and longing for my sons return

Ans: She wrote , ” I am waiting and watching and longing for my son’s return.”

5) are you really coming from china said the prince

6) the poor man asked will none of you help me.

7) god in his grace has saved his life

8) that is a beautiful child she said to the mother is it yours

9) may the lord shower his choicest blessings on you

10) the mother said o my lord o great judge long life to you

11) Abraham Lincoln was the famous president of USA.

12) the oracle he said chose me as the wisest Athenian

13) the motorist said the bus driver was to blame for the accident

14) What do you wish my boy asked the teacher

15) come I know what you mean cried Mr.Wickfield

16) mother said the boy paul one day why cant we keep a car of our own

17) my friends names are Mohan, Rakesh and Rahul

18) the customs officer said i like the old pa,-si

19) ganesh said to me don’t think that i don’t trust you

20) i study hindi marathi english and Sanskrit

21) the old man asked what are you doing there my child

22) the principal said to rahul obey your teachers

23) how amazing it is i said

24) mrs prakash said anju id like to attend the party

25) have you any money asked the captain.

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