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Modals – Their functions and Features

Modals play a great role in the development of English writing, here is the list of functions of modals

Modals their functions


Modals - Their functions and Features

Functions of Modals

Will :
* Future action: They will come tomorrow.
* Promise: I will help you.
* Threat: I will see you.
* Determination: I will grab 190/200 in CET.
* Request (For young ones): Will you give your plan?
* More definite: There will be more rain.
* Assurance: I will take care of you.

* Polite request (elders): Would you help me?
* Wish: I would like to help you.
* Past habit: I would play a lot that time.
* Condition: If he worked, he would pass.

* Advice: You should eat fruits.
* Morality: You should respect your elders.
* Nominal Compulsion: You should do this.

*(I we – first person) Future: We shall go tomorrow.
*(Second and third person): (He, She, You)……..[Threat/Compulsion]
*Permission: Shall I go now?

*Permission: May I come in sir? 
*Possibility: It may rain.
*Wish: May God bless you.
Modals - Their functions and Features3
*Ability: He can pass.
*Capacity: This tank can store 1000 litre water. 
*Request (younger): Can you do this?
*Permission (younger): You can go.
Modals - Their functions and Features2
* Compulsion: You must go.
* Obligation: They must do this.
* Order: You must come.
* Strong likelihood: It must happen.

Ought to:
* Duty: You ought to do this.
* Disapproval of something: You oughtn’t to do this.
* Desirability: We ought to work hard.

1. He may help us. (Make it less possibility.)
2. They will come. (Make it past habit.)
3. She must call us. (Make it guarantee.)
4. They would ask doubts. (Make it future action.)
5. They will eat fruits. (Make it advice.)
6. I can pass this exam. (Make it determination.)
7. They will come soon. (Make it possibility.)
8. We will study hard. (Use modal showing duty.)
9. We should call them. (Change it obligation.)
10. I can do this. (Use modal showing desirability.)

Modals Auxiliaries

1. I have to work as hard as I can.
(Replace the modal auxiliary showing obligation)

2. You should do what your teacher tells you to do.
(Use modal auxiliary showing obligation)

3. They need to be protected.
(Rewrite using modal auxiliary showing obligation)

4. The remaining journey has to be undertaken on foot.
(Rewrite using appropriate form of modal auxiliary)

5. You can go to bed early so that you are fresh in the morning.
(Change the modal auxiliary to make it a piece of advice)

6. Be prepared always to pay the price.
(Rewrite using modal auxiliary showing suggestion)

7. Dead plants and animals may lie rootling at the bottom.
(Rewrite using modal auxiliary showing certainty)

8. An animal may alter surrounding.
(Rewrite using modal auxiliary showing ability)

9. Your young brother is careless about his study.
(Frame a sentence using modal auxiliary giving him advice)

10. We can see certainty that they are not placed in other employments.
(Use modal auxiliary showing obligation)

11. You have to study regularly to get success in the examination.
Use modal auxiliary showing advice)

12. The time might come.
(Replace modal auxiliary showing certainty)

13. The labeling of human begin in terms of their interest should not be overdose.
(Use modal auxiliary showing obligation)

14. I will teach you this lesson next week.
(Rewrite using modal auxiliary showing less certainty)

15. You may do just as you like.
(Use modal auxiliary showing obligation)

16. One should insist on whole meal flour and whole meal bread.
(Rewrite using modal auxiliary showing obligation)

17. You can understand it.
(Use modal auxiliary showing obligation)

18. People with intellectual interest will do well in occupation dealing with ideas, rules, regulations, facts and figures.
(Use modal auxiliary showing less certainty)

19. You can halt at Uttarkashi.
(Make less definite)

20. We should protect and develop our forests.
(Use modal auxiliary showing obligation)

21. They may again be free.
(Make it more definite)

22. Deficiencies can be corrected when all the nutrients are supplied.
(Use modal auxiliary showing certainty)

23. Their interest may be literary.
(Use modal auxiliary showing certainty)

24. A skillful advertiser may be able to create a monopoly.
(Rewrite the sentence using modal auxiliary ‘can’)

25. I must go to jail.
(Make it less definite)

26. Do realize your responsibility as educated women.
(Use modal auxiliary showing obligation)
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