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Make It Negative

while doing negative , we should be careful about meaning , meaning shouldn’t be changed at any cost , even tense too

make it negative workshhet

1) The name of its seems familiar.

Ans: The name of its doesn’t seem unfamiliar

2) This last resort failed.

Ans: The last resort didnt succeed

3) His parents were dead.

Ans: His parents were not alive

4) It was an appropriate opinion

Ans: It was not an inappropriate opInion

5) I liked the suggestion.

Ans: I didnt dislike the suggestion


  1. I was far from happy.
  2. He was an active seeker of harmony.
  3. She was a poor housekeeper.
  4. All you lost was your head.
  5. It is difficult to rob a careless person.
  6. It is hard to imagine Indian cricket without Kapil Dev.
  7. You are right.
  8. Everyone was happy.
  9. It was hard for him to decide.
  10. All living things die without water.
  11. All come under this category.
  12. Only a handful of people were left.
  13. He knew it.
  14. It was a cloudy day.
  15. Mary remained silent.
  16. So they stayed silent.
  17. The policeman stood his ground.
  18. I am single.
  19. This process is similar to it.
  20. I have come here for the first time.     


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