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Remove too…

Too……to structure has negative meaning, when we do remove too, first too should be replaced with so and second to should be replaced with that

1.  He was too tired to wait.

Ans: He was so tired that he couldn’t wait

2.   He was too thirsty to walk.

Ans: He was so thirsty that he couldn’t walk  .

3.  He had gone too far to hold back tide.

Ans: He had gone so far that he couldn’t back tide

4.   It became too dark for me to read easily.

5.   It was now too dark to see anything .

6.   I was too small to understand it.

7.   The child was too frightened to speak.

8.  Rajesh is too excited to sit in one place.

9.  The book was too interesting for me to stop reading.

10.The painting is too beautiful to be cheap.

11. It is too windy to sit outside .

12.The water of the lake is too dirty to swim in.

13.The news was too good to be true.

14. It is too late to mend.

15.The man is too old to run fast.

16.The boy was too young to lift the heavy box.

17.1 am too tired to work.

18. He is too kind to help the poor.

19.The milk is too hot for the child to drink.

20. It was too hot to go out.

21.1 am too lazy to take part in it.

22.He ran too fast to be overtaken.

23.0ur teacher is too lenient to punish us.

24.The woman was too proud to beg.

25.The sum is too difficult to solve.

26. It is too late to do anything this evening .

27. She is too emotional to get disturb.   

28. was too dark” for us to find the way.

29. The road is too dirty for us to walk properly.

30. He is too miser to pay the money.



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