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Sentences Of Mannerism and Etiquettes

Manners make a man, your words show your personality and your attitude. Lets discuss certain sentences regarding mannerism and etiquettes

  1. Would you be so kind to help me please ?
  2. Would you remind me about our meeting?
  3. Would you repeat what you said please?
  4. Would you do this for me?
  5. Would you lend me your mobile 
  6. Would you help me when I need it?
  7. Would you call me while going ?
  8. Please dont bother
  9. Dont worry about me
  10. May I say something?
  11. We are very grateful to you
  12. May I request something?
  13. Please dont mind
  14. If you dont mind, may I say something?
  15. So kind of you
  16. It would be very kind of you
  17. How can I help you?
  18. Please excuse me
  19. I am at your service always
  20. Please dont be so formal
  21. Thanks a lot for kindly help
  22. No question of kindness
  23. Thanks for your sensible advice
  24. Kindly excuse me for the trouble
  25. Regards to everyone at home

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