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Types Of Noun

Types of noun play an important role in parts of speech and grammar


Common Noun   – It belongs to the name given to any and every place, person, thing of the
                                          same kind 

                                        For ex: boy girl city village teacher

Proper Noun – It is the name of a particular thing , place and person 
                                       For Ex :Ganga , Mumbai,London, Jhon, etc

Material Noun – It is the name given a material or collection of same person or things
                                     For ex: aluminum, gold , sugar, oil, silver

Collective Noun: It is the name given to a collection or group of same persons or things
                                    For Ex : army, police, crew, flock, bevy, gang,crowd

Abstract Noun : It belongs to quality  or state or action

                                 For Ex: bravery, cowardice, goodness, childhood, promptness 

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