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Std.12_News Report_Worksheet

Here is a format of News report , useful for students in writing skill in English

News Report writing format

A news item is generally organized in 5 parts.
Short continuing paragraph

1. The Headline:
Write in bold as well as capital
Use present
Use active
Use vivid and concrete
Don’t write the articles.

2.    Date line.
Date line is written after Head line. It consists of…
The name of the town
The name of the news agency.

3.    The Lead/ Intro.
This is the beginning of the news. It should be written in around 30 words. It should answer the questions like Who? What? When? Where? How? Etc.

4.    Short continuing paragraph.
Write all detail information about the news .
Most important – Important – Less important                     
– least important.

5.    Conclusion.
We should write conclusion in the end of news.
@ Achievers narrate their success stories at career counselling events.

@ Achievers narrate their success stories at career counselling events.

Nanded  Monday, 2 July , (P.T.I.)

Achievers in different fields narrated their success stories at career counselling events yesterday arranged in Gurukul Academy.

Gurukul Academy arranged a function to honour  the  achievers  in  different fields. The purpose of the function was to inspire the students of the  academy. The I.P.S. shri. Vishwas Nangre –patil was the chief guest of that function.

The collector of Nanded  Dr Vipin  was the president of function. After the introductory speech of the organizer, the chief guest and president greeted the achievers in different fields.

The achievers expressed themselves. They told about their study hours, books they studied, their hard work as well as different study tricks. They gave their credit of success to both parents and guides. The chief guest and the president not only guided but also motivated the student to study hard. Shri Vishwas Nangre-Patil told his experiences and his stories. Dr. Vipin also shared his memories.

In this way function ended with Vande Mataram. 

Practice Question

Write a short report on @ Flood Situation Grim In Maharashtra.

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