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Std.X – CBSE (English) – A Tiger In The Zoo

This poem differentiates between the tiger in a zoo and tiger in its habitat or a wild tiger. It describes the mental state of a tiger in the cage. The tiger in a zoo suffers a lot whereas the free tiger enjoys its real life. The tiger in a zoo lives like a prisoner, limits its freedom whereas the free tiger enjoys the real joy of freedom.

This poem gives a great message that wild animals should not be kept in a cage, they lose their freedom and lose the real enjoyment of life. We don’t have any right to snatch freedom of wild animals. When we captivate or arrest them and keep them in a cage, indirectly, we give a great punishment to innocent wild animals.

The poet stresses the idea of liberty and its significance.

Stanza 1

The tiger walks proudly with his clear stripes in the cage. He has kingly appearance, his pads are soft like velvet. He is very angry but helpless. He is frustrated and seems to be in anxiety.

(Rhyme Scheme : abcb)

Stanza 2

Actually this tiger should be in forest hiding in shadow moving through long grass. He should be in his natural habitat waiting for prey. He should be near water bodies waiting for flesh deer for his dinner.

(Rhyme Scheme: abcb)

Stanza 3

Actually this tiger at present should be growling at the border between forest and village showing his teeth, his claws terrorising the village.

(Rhyme Scheme : abcd)

Stanza 4

Very sorry to mention, he is locked in a cage (concrete cell). His strength is arrested behind the bars of the cage, with frustration, he moves helplessly in the cage maintaining his pride. He ignores the visitors who come to see him.

(Rhyme Scheme : abcd)

Stanza 5

At night he gets disturbed due to patrolling cars, helplessly he stares at the stars with brilliant eyes. He has lost hope of his freedom.

(Rhyme Scheme : abcb)

Important :

Here stanzas 1,4 and 5 speak about the tiger in zoo and stanzas 2, 3 speak about the tiger in forest.

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