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Article ‘The’

use of article the

Article ‘the‘ should be used before the names of

Holy books The Bible, The Quran, The Gita
Bank The SBI, The Axis Bank
Government department The Revenue Department, The income tax department
Famous hotel The Taj hotel
Monument The Taj Mahal, TheBibi ka Makbara
Railway The Sachkhand Express, The Devgiri Express
Ship The Gangotri, The Titanic
Newspaper The Lokmat, The Sakal
Planet The Venus, The Jupiter
Particular common noun The man, The tree
Repetition of common noun I saw a boy. The boy was hungry
Representing entire class The cow is a useful animal.
Range of mountains The Himalaya, The Alps
Group of Islands The Andaman, The Nicobar
Ocean The Pacific, The Indian Ocean
Sea The Arabian sea
Gulf The Persian gulf
Magazines The week, The outlook
Magazines The week, The Outlook
Museum Museum
Nationality The Indian,The French
Ordinals The second, The Third
Superlatives The greatest,The smallest
Unique in the world The sun,The moon
Famous awards The Nobel,The Bharat Ratna
Direction The north, The south
Mentioning entire
family members
The Patil’s,The Deshpande
Desert The Sahara,The Thar
Canal The Suez, The Panama
Lake The Dal Lake
Famous temple The Balaji temple
Empire The Maurya Empire
Forts The Raigad
Caves The Ajanta caves
Airport The Rajiv Gandhi Airport Hyderabad
Waterfall The Girsappa, The Niagara
Sanctuary The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
Sports event The Commonwealth games
Famous library The National library
Bay The Bay of Bengal
Studio The R K Studio
Missile The Agni,The Prithvi


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