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Tips to Improve English

English has become a part of personality , here are some tips to improve your English

Improve English

     English is rightly called a universal language. This language has brought the world at one platform. It is the greatest source of communication. Most of the countries have accepted English as the language of trade and commerce.
         Nowadays, English has become the language of personality. Everyone wants to speak English but they face certain problems.

Let’s discuss tips to improve English:

1.   Listen more English:

Yes it is true, to speak English properly, you should listen more English. Watch English programs or documentaries on TV or YouTube. Surely it affects.

2.  Give up hesitation:

The greatest problem for newly learners is hesitation or shyness. Give up hesitation or shyness, carry on communication, and don’t worry about mistakes.

3.  Learn more English words:

Learn 10 new English words every day. More words mean more English. If you have strong vocabulary, your confidence will be boosted.

4.  Talk loudly:

Talk English loudly. Your pronunciation will be improved. Many people mumble and hesitate while speaking English, don’t worry about mistakes, and try to speak clearly and loudly.

5.  Read more:

Read English more and more. Your sentence formation will be improved. You can read newspapers, story books, magazines etc.

6.  Have patience:

Every art needs time to get command. English speaking is also an art. It takes times to learn English speaking nearly about 10 to 12 months. Have patience to get command on English.

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