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Change The Voice

There are two types of voice, Active Voice and Passive Voice,, here are the transformation of Voice

change the voice , examples and rules

Change The Voice

Important things in voice
Change The Voice3
The following formula should be used for passive voice for assertive sentence:
O +  h.v. + p.p + by + p.p.
Step – I: (Simple Present Tense / Simple Past Tense)
1. We told him a story.

Ans : He was told a story by us.
2. I reprimanded him many times.
Ans : He was reprimanded many times by me.
3. She asked me many times.
Ans: I was asked many times by her.
4. I answered him quickly.
Ans: He was answered quickly by me.
5. They requested him to take him into the forest.
Ans: He was requested to take them into the forest by them.

Example For Practice:
1. They did not tell Laxmana.
2. They gave some tips to him.

3. The people saw the train approaching.
4. I did not tell you the truth.
5. I observed the results closely.
6. You teased me in this matter.

Step – II: (Modals) 
Change The Voice2
1. I can do this for you.
Ans: This can be done for you by me.
2. She may pass the exam.
Ans: The exam may be passed by her.
3. We will tell him the truth.
Ans: He will be told the truth by us.
or     The truth will be told to him by us.
4. She will take the chance.
Ans: The chance will be taken by her.
5. You must do your duty sincerely.
Ans: Your duty must be done sincerely by you.

Example For Practice:

1. They can arrange the function for me.
2. I may solve the matter these days.
3. I must not insult him.
4. They should not take the chance.
5. They should not be invited by us.
6. I may not be called by him.
7. The system shouldn’t be touched by us.
8. Parents should not be disobeyed by us
9. The wall should be painted by the workers
10. The small baby must be treated properly.

Step – III (Present Continuous / Past Continuous):
                                            Ing – being

1. They are doing their work properly.
Ans: Their work is being done properly by them.
2. I am solving the matter carefully.
Ans: The matter is being solved carefully by me.
3. We are cherishing some morals.
Ans: Some morals are being cherished by us.
4. The people are demanding the results.
Ans: The results are being demanded by the people.
5. I am consoling my friends.
Ans: My friends are being consoled by me.

Example For Practice:

1. All the people are arranging a party.
2. They were being cheated by the agents.
3. They are planting the trees.
4. I am using a common mobile.
5. She is being told the truth by us.
6. They are celebrating the birthday.
7. All the students are studying English.
8. He was choosing the seeds.
9. They were asking some questions
10. I am plucking the flowers.

Step – IV: (Present Perfect / Past Perfect)
Change The Voice
1. We have solved the crisis.
Ans:  The crisis has been solved by us.
2. They had conferred the title.
Ans:  The title had been conferred by them.
3. She has been deceived by them.
Ans:  They have deceived her.
4. We have told him the reality.
Ans:  He has been told the reality by us
or      The reality has been told to him by us
5. They had asked different types of problems.
Ans:  Different types of problems had been asked by them.

Example For Practice:

1. I have consoled him many times.
2. I have always neglected this problem.
3. She had reprimanded the servant.
4. I have plucked many flowers.
5. We have confirmed it.
6. They have resolved the case.
7. He has blamed my brother.
8. They have carved the painting on the door.
9. They have corrected the mistake.
10. I have changed my ways.

Step – V: (Imperative – I)

In the case of imperative sentences, the subject lacks. For imperative sentences, the following formula should be used.

                                         LET +O + BE +PP

1. Obey your parents for your better future.
Ans:  Let your parents by obeyed for your better future.
Or     Your parents should be obeyed for your better future.

Example For Practice:

1. Give up all the vice.
2. Console the needy.
3. Learn computer applications.
4. Take a strong decision.

Step – VI: (Imperative – II)

1. Don’t be late.
Ans: You are asked not to be late.
2. Don’t be lazy.
Ans: You are asked not to be lazy.
3. Be active.
Ans: You are advised to be active.

Example For Practice:

1. Don’t commit the same mistake.
2. Don’t tease him.
3. Don’t disobey your parents.
4. Be prompt.
5. Be alert.
6. Be confident.
7. Be regular.
8. Be optimistic.

Step – VII: (Interrogative)

1. Why did you call me?
Ans: Why was I called by you?
2. When have you called me?
Ans: When have I been called by you?

Example For Practice:

1. Why did you take a strong decision?
2. Where have you called me?
3. When did they complete the work
4. Who cheated you?
5. Where have you spotted the plant?
6. Who asked you?
7. Where have you noticed him?
8. Who stole the pen?
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