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How To Tackle Adolescence children

Nowadays many parents are worried about their adolescence children when they show behavioral changes, they fail to know how to deal with them, inviting stress for them, lets discuss about its solution

The age between 12 to 19 is  supposed to be the adolescence age, it is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. During this period , the concerned children come across some hormonal changes due to which they show changes in their behaviour, attitude, mannerism and overall their nature. In short the children go through physical, mental, and psychological changes. We find change in their behaviour or nature. This period is supposed to be the stormy restless period of our life.

Parents Sometimes fail to understand such children when they show behavioral changes and they suffer great mental stress to tackle them. 

In this case parents should respect their psychology , if it is not respected, we find some stress or misunderstanding  between parents and adolescence children.

Behavioral Changes: 

1. Getting angry with parents with small issues or matter.

2. Telling lies to parents.

3. Using rude language.

4. Rough or hoarse sound.

5. Like to be always with friends.

6. Negligence towards studies.

7. preferring loneliness.

8. Avoiding parents or their instructions. 

9. Sudden changes in attitude or behaviour. 

10. Adopting  bad company.

Now lets discuss solutions to tackle this problem ( Parenting Tips)

1 . First thing is that respect their hormonal changes and subsequently their behavioral changes as a part of  their life cycle.
2.  Parents shouldn’t compare their earlier or past life with their kids present life.
3.  Try to respect their feelings, if possible be friendly with them, better be friendly with them.
4.  Don’t get angry with them with small issues or matter, their anger is more aggressive than you if they get angry.
5. They are adolescents but you are wise , thats why be wise while tackling with the adolescence.
6.  Your polite words will make them polite and sensible when you give them instructions.
7. Have patience when they are aggressive about something.
8. Anger invites anger, that’s why try to control anger when they commit any mistakes
9. Don’t insult them in from their friends, it is unbearable for them. 
10. Respect their freedom, they have their own life , friends, thoughts, Don’t overload your thoughts on them, they feel burden of your instructions. 
11. They are good listeners to teachers , take help of teachers if they don’t listen to you, teachers are the best mentors for them because they respect their teachers.
12. Tolerate their small mistakes because sometimes unknowingly they commit mistake, if you point every time, they may hide the truth from you.
13. Spare some time for them, arrange picnic with them, go to movies sometimes, arrange party to celebrate their success in exam. Result ,they will be friendly with you.
14. Always tell their mistakes personally to them not in public.
15. Discuss with them about their problems and assure your help for it.
16. Always appreciate them when they do good , encourage them if they achieve something 
Res parents, hope you will follow all these parenting tips 
Please share these tips to other parents  Thanks 
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