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Not Only……….But Also

Not only …but also is used to differentiate the two things. It should be used for two different things.

Use Not Only….but also:

1.   He was rich and powerful.

Ans: He was not only rich but also powerful.

2.   He was tired and thirsty.

3.  The weather was mild and sunny.

4.   His people were good and loyal.

5.   He was careless and indifferent.

6.  We were crying and shivering with frights.

Ans: We were not only crying but also shivering with frights.00..

7.  He was always angry and often cruel.

8.  He was rewarded by the police and by the jeweler.

9.  The people praised their prince and celebrated his great deeds.

10. He coughed and shuffled his feet.

11. He brought me here as well aw the box.

12.He tended the plants. He laboured over his task.

13.You guard us and feed us.

14. They will create more social enmity and harm peace.

15.Games make them strong and brave.

16.They loved me very much and gave me everything .

17. It looked cool and inviting,

18.TB is surprisingly easy to detect and cure.

19.She closed the door as well as bolted it from outside.

20.They loved me very much and offered me all the gifts.

21.He went out to meet the elephant and challenge him.

22.The soldiers seized and bore him to a boat.

23.He opposed the caste system. He stood against the social evils.

24.Games strengthen the muscles of the boys and make them strong and brave.

Ans: Games not only strengthen the muscles of the boys but also make them strong and brave.

25.Electricity runs our trains and moves machines in factories.

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