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Spot The Errors

Here are the incorrect sentences that need corrections, spot the errors

Q Spot the errors

  1. I saw animal near the school 
  2. I finished my work before he came
  3. He jumped on the table to touch the photo
  4. I am here for three days
  5. Tomorrow I will finish my work by evening.
  6. I didn’t saw it properly
  7. I am known by some people
  8. That day I will manage it properly.
  9. We were fascinated by the nature.
  10. Before you come, we will finish our work.
  11. Tomorrow we shall solve the paper at this hour.
  12. I am not sure about it those days.
  13. United states of America is the richest country.
  14. I read Indian Express regularly. 
  15. He is a man who helps me.
  16. I finished the dinner that day.
  17. We were called by the police for investigating.
  18. Rahul or Shyam are called.
  19. 100 rupees are needed for it.
  20. I take pride of my country.
  21. The boat drowned in the ocean.
  22. It is sunny , it may rain.
  23. I have few friends , they will help me.
  24. He is going to the hospital to visit his relatives.
  25. I was there for ten days.
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