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In English, if …not is equal to unless , as unless contains if …not

use unless or if not exercise

Rewrite the following sentences using if……….not

1) He does not have to work, unless he chooses to.

Ans: He doesn’t have to work if he doesn’t choose to

2) Unless he wins, the marriage shall not take place.

Ans : If he doesn’t win, the marriage shall not take place

3) A water wheel will not revolve, unless there is falling water to drive it.

Ans: A water wheel willnot revolve if there is not falling water to drive it

4) They will not bite a man unless he touches or hurts them.

Ans: They will not bite a man if he doesn’t touch or hurts them

5) Unless there is- a civilization culture can not develop.

Ans: If there is no civilization, culture cannot develop

6) Unless I take the money, he will only waste it on his friends.

7)  Unless you obey this, your village shall suffer the consequences.

8) Unless my body had got tired, I could have kicked the ball,

9) Unless we are fair to other men, the world can not be fair to us.

10) Unless you play, you don’t improve.


1)  Without water all living things die. (Use ‘if——-not’ construction)

2) The body can perform its functions only if it is abundantly supplied with all its essential nutritional factors.

(Use ‘unless’)

3) You are likely to be punished, if you don’t express you regret. .(Use ‘unless’)

4) Unless we read of great periods in the life of nations, we can not imagine ourselves back in those day. (Use ‘if……..not’)

5) Stand at the crossing of AIMS, Delhi you will be confronted with the problems.

(Rewrite using ‘if)

6) If you do not insist on dragging him into court, I shall be thankful. (Use ‘unless’)

7)  Without the Nile, Egypt would be a desert. (Rewrite using ‘if………not’)

8)  Unless they are wiliing to defend to the last, they will not conquer. (Use if…..not)

9) If we are not fair to other men, the world can not be fair to us. (Use ‘unless’)

10) If it increases the sale of goods, industry prospers. (Use ‘unless’)

11) You won’t pass. Unless you work hard. (Use ‘if…………..not’)

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