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Make It Affirmative

While doing make it affirmative, we will be provided negative sentence , in that case while doing affirmative, meaning shouldn’t be changed , also tense too

Make it affirmative:

1) It is not at all true.

Ans: It is very false

2) Her mother does not understand her.

Ans: Her mother fails to understand her

3) He never read them until after her death.

Ans: He read only after her death

4) Never do anything in secret.

Ans: Always do everything without secrecy

5) The tractors are no less a menace.

6) The entrance can’t be too far away.

7) She did not like the idea.

8) No classmate would befriend me.

9) His mother’s joy knew no bounds.

10) That’s not fair.

11) The salary was not very much.

12) The inspector had no children.

13) That is not good.

14) It is of no use.

15) But still he was not satisfied.

16) They.were not ordinary thieves.

17) He did not return for a long time.

18) He could still see nobody.

19) I do not recall.

20) She never neglected the poor.

21) I promise never to leave.

22) But there was no answer.

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