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Useful Notes On Determiners

The word that determines noun is called determiner. There are various types of determiners, article is also a important part of determiner.

A determiner is a word that determines the noun or limits the noun.
For ex. a boy, the boy, this boy, that boy, a few boys, etc.
Note: Actually determiner is a kind of adjective but with certain difference.
1. Articles a, an, the are the part of determiners.
2. Determiners don’t have degree of comparison as the adjectives have.
Types of Determiners:

Types                 Examples 
1. DemonstrativeThis, That, These, Those
2. PossessiveMy, Our, His, Her, Their
3. Definite NumeralsOne, Two, Three – First, Second, Third
4. Indefinite NumeralsAll, Some, No, Many, Few, Several
5. QuantitativeMuch, Little, No, Some, Enough, Sufficient, All, Whole
6. ArticlesA, An, The

 The Use Of Some Determiners


It is used for countable nouns.

Ex.Many boys, Many girls

It is used for uncountable nouns.

Ex.Much oil, Much Water

It is used for countable as well as uncountable.

Ex.Some boys, Many boys

* Any :  It is used in negative sense.

For ex. Don’t you have any option?

I don’t have any choice.

FewA Few
* Used for countables.* Used for countables.

* It shows negative sense.
(Means not many)

* It shows positive sense.
(Means some at least)

Ex. I have few friends.Ex.I have a few friends.
LittleA little
* Used for uncountables.* Used for uncountables.
* It shows negative sense.* It shows positive sense.

Ex. I have little water.
He has little gold.

Ex.I have a little water
He has a little gold.


  1. Many and less are used for quantity.
  2. Many  and fewer are used for number.
  3. Many for countables and much for uncountables.

Q . Choose the correct option

  1. Sorry, I cant give you water, there is …. ..water ( little/ a little)
  2. There is ….. water, you can take it from it. ( little / a little)
  3. Dont go there for picnic, there are…trees ( few/ a few)
  4. I have …notebooks, you can take some. ( few/ a few)
  5.  I read … about this character, sorry I cant tell ( little/ a little)
  6. There is … sugar, you can take  ( many/ much/ any)
  7. Isnt there ….option for me? ( some/ many/ any)
  8. There is …… water ( a lot of/ many/ much)
  9. ……players are selected ( few/ a few)
  10. ……. effort is needed. ( a little/ little)Ans:

    1. little
    2. a little
    3. few
    4. a few
    5. little
    6. much
    7. any
    8. a lot of/ much
    9. a few
    10. a little 

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