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Subject, Verb, Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement

A verb should / must agree with its subject in number and person. Quite, the verb is made to agree in number with a noun near it instead of with its proper subject.

Q.1     Choose correct options (is / are)

1.   Two dozen oranges are packed.

2.  Every family is called.

3.  All your advice is good.

4.  These vermin are dangerous.

5. All his luggage is lost.

6. The United Nations is our hope.

7. A new pair of shoes is here.

8. These shoes are old.

9. Where are my goggles?

10. India’s first innings is over.

Q.2     Use a/an/the

1.  It is a ewe.

2.  He gave out a yell.

3.  It is a eulogy.

4.  It is a usual feature.

5.  It is a UK plane.

6.  It is a one day ticket.

7.  It is a USSR ship.

8.  He is a university professor.

9.  He is a one legged man.

10. He made a universal appeal.

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